GOCLEAN is a dual sterilization and cleaning system based on wet and dry steam at high temperatures and pressure, the ideal solution with multiple applications for all kinds of needs. Eliminates the viruses and bacteria that cause multiple diseases protecting the environment at the same time, since it does not use harmful chemicals. GOCLEAN is currently a necessity for everyday life.


Here are some of its features:

Low water consumption: only 2 liters

Does not use chemicals, protecting the health and the environment

Sterilizes against viruses and bacteria, reaching temperatures above 130 ° C (+260°F)

Eliminates bad odors

High pressure of up to 16 BARS


GOCLEAN system can be used for deep cleaning and sterilization of

- Restaurants & Bars 

- Automobiles and Buses

- Offices, commercial premises, and shops

- Factories, warehouses, and machinery

- Gyms and sports clubs

- Schools, nurseries, universities, etc.

- Hospitals and clinics

- Homes and buildings


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Multiple Deluxe Grade Units

We have varied first class models available to elevate your event by exceeding the expectations of those at your event.

Hand Wash & Sanitizer Stations

Our models have exceptional useful features such as all important hand washing sinks, sanitizer stations and much more.

Short or Long Term Rentals

Rent our units for the duration that fits for your individual event needs. Short or long term, one or multiple units. It's easy.

Fresh Interiors & Ventilation

Our outstanding units have fresh interiors and invaluable ventilation allowing them to stand out from standard models.

Customer Testimonials

Good Morning, I am so happy I decided to rent one of your portals from your company, for my holiday event.....My family and friends gave me very good compliments on how big it was inside, how nice and clean it smelled even after several could sit comfortable, on the toilet....and that it had a sink.... thank you for letting my family and I enjoy our holiday event comfortably. Looking forward to using your company again for our events

Antionette Bean.

We used the Royal Throne Room for our private event during Cup Match, Bermuda’s biggest 2-day holiday. It stayed fresh smelling the whole time. Plus it had a mirror and sink. The women absolutely loved it!! We don’t think we could ever go to Cup Match again without having it!!”

El Capitane

Thankful to The Royal Throne Room for providing NOVA Mas International with excellent service of their exclusive top of the line bathrooms.

NOVA Mas International