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High Tech II Deluxe Flush

The future of the portable restroom, today. The High Tech II Deluxe Flush model provides the most upscale portable restroom experience available today. It meets and exceeds the expectations of today’s guests with features including a commercial quality stainless steel flushing bowl, hands- free foot-operated hand washing system and no shortage of toilet paper with the four-roll dispenser.


Offering a distinctive look that will set your event apart. Enhances the overall user experience of a portable restroom with amenities that feel “closer to home”. Exceeds the demands and expectations of rental operators and the public alike with a level of quality and excellence that is unmatched in the portable sanitation industry today.


When you are looking for Luxury, the High Tech II provide the ultimate restroom experience with a fresh flushing system stainless steel bowl, internal wash station, overhead solar light, built in paper towel receptacle and a large mirror, it has all the comfort of home. Users operate the flushing systems and hand wash stations with foot pump which allows for a hand free, germ free operation. Most of all each component is designed to form a beautifully contoured interior.


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Fleet™ Restroom Features include:

  • Maximum ventilation
  • Spacious design
  • Anti-slip floor surface
  • Occupancy signal latch
  • Two tissue rolls
  • Sanitary seat deck and floor design
  • Translucent roof for better lighting
  • Corner tank
  • Instant antiseptic hand cleanser and foam
  • Freshwater sink
  • Disposable paper seat covers
  • Containment tray
  • Stabilizing stakes


Advantages over other units:

  • Premium unit offers 24% more interior floor space than other units in its class
  • Corner tank allows for most efficient use of interior space
  • Easy-to-clean with sleek interior and exterior surfaces
  • Fleet™ range includes Static Model, Recirculating Flush, Fresh Water Flush, and Mains varieties


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Looking for a solution to backed-up lines at concerts, races or other special events where adult beverages are consumed? Check out the Urinal Unit. Built within the shell of an Enhanced Access Unit (EAU), this portable restroom can hold up to four men comfortably at one time. The trough tanks mimic expensive plumbed troughs found in many arenas and stadiums at a fraction of the cost.


Features Include:
A convenient walk-through shell.
Two 70-gallon urinal trough waste tanks.
Multiple service ports located inside the unit at either end of both trough tanks.
High molecular-weight material with extra UV protection ensures that your units will continue to look new through years of work.

Customer Testimonials

The past 10 years we camp and have cook outs for Cup Match. We always rent a Portaloo and The Royal Throne vendor was the best! It was like we were home, we could wash our hands and flush the toilet without that horrible smell. The toilet was superb and it even had a mirror and fresh air flowing through the toilet.

I would recommend it to anybody!

The Lightbournes

Good Morning, I am so happy I decided to rent one of your portals from your company, for my holiday event.....My family and friends gave me very good compliments on how big it was inside, how nice and clean it smelled even after several uses..you could sit comfortable, on the toilet....and that it had a sink.... thank you for letting my family and I enjoy our holiday event comfortably. Looking forward to using your company again for our events

Antionette Bean.

Thankful to The Royal Throne Room for providing NOVA Mas International with excellent service of their exclusive top of the line bathrooms.

NOVA Mas International